My thoughts 15 July 2017

Poetrist A made up word to explain a spoken word artist I now have Internet at home in my new house. And with friends coming to stay and buttercup here I will never be lonely so this time I am the giver not the reciever Khadija out Asalamalikuim warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe


30 may sporadic thoughts

I keep sporadically blogging I am trying to give myself a day and I will transfer all my written logs into blogs like you are reading here on WordPress. so this week I have missed two appointment due to my understanding on my part so have to try and get another appointment. so its been … Continue reading 30 may sporadic thoughts

My thoughts 10 may 2017 (voice to text) plus update

    Woke up in a lot of pain, my hips, and my shoulder, wrists and left side index finger and thumb ( earlier de Quervain syndrome) the hand dexterity is low today. Just a short one. I haven't tried to join my writing up... writing is part of the exercise from the ergotherapy to make my life easier. I am literally writing … Continue reading My thoughts 10 may 2017 (voice to text) plus update