Blogging when you dont feel 100%

This is my thing ,I only seem to blog when I don’t feel 100%

Asalamalkium warahmahtuhlahi wabarakatoe may the peace .,mercy and blessings of God be upon you all.

So as the title of this blog explains what this piece is about I’ll get on with it . It has come to my attention that radio silence from me mostly means I don’t blog

Although the things I am going through are things that other expats experience. Then the next level being a revert to Islam.

I was on a good path praying regularly being showered on a daily basis until I realised that my tick got worse when my skin was dry. I began wasibgcwitg a clothe and some warm water works better was a piece then dry..That tick being picking scabs and reopening them sometime leading into infected staph infections.

I was going to place a photo here but I think i have deleted them all

Mostly these spots begin with a small like zit like thing with a white head then it begins the unbearable itching especially at night. I have to make sure my nails are short … but still sometimes I start playing with th edges of the wound sometimes flaking a pieces then it begins

Sometimes the pieces would bring the whole scab off.

Resulting in the pretty much my hope body has scars on various stages of healing.

During the time I was with my ex I was desperately unhappy with my self and that is when my leg had so many deep infections that it hurt. These spots come in extremely stressful situations and once the stress is over and the sadness kicks in that’s when the itching starts. I have inn the last years learnt to do it less but at the mo I have at least two small ones on my back.

I am learning about mindfulness training and I am going to take a course to help me in those moments when getting anxious and stressed . Will let you know if it works for me. I need that little bit of support . And being away from family members I don’t share these things . That is not that I don’t want to , but I don’t want to worry anyone with these things .assuming some people care about what happens to me.which they more than likely do it’s just everyone shows affection in a different manner . Everyone loves different ,but in the end it really matters that you feel like you can talk to them even if you do keep it to your self. I am from a family of talkers and not offence to anyone that is more of a psychological comment.

So peeps there it is a blog of nonsensical words placed together to make sentences.

Khadija out

Peace love blessings


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