thre is no god but god

There is no god but god….

I have recently just completed reading a book by Reza Aslan.

It’s an equally educational but also insightful in to the history in and surronding Islam and its roots.

It explains the origins and faith explaining all of it in its beauty and complexity in a fun to read book.

All in all a fabbulous read, a truly astonishingly astounding descriptive writing and ability to pay fine attention to the detail and reserch that has been done on this book.

Reza Aslan an internationally acclaimed scholar, traveller and writer .. Aslan explains his own journey through morrocco and though oout arabia. Embarking on his adventure to make his book more enticing to non Muslims and Muslims alike.

The history is also explaining in detail explinations of the kaba and how it came to stand , who how and why the keeper of the keys in mecca was important..

Then following the trail to mecca explaining the difficultys that Mohammed SAW. All the phobias we have today Mohammad p. B. U. H had to the fight… To the successsors. mohammad saw after his death. Bring us to the intresting development of islamic theology. ending in the future of isalm and how all countrys are actulaly surriving this post 9/11 retoric. Especially with today’s climate.

An enlightening journey to the the world’s holiest city with absolutely stunningly descriptive Narrative telling the story I’m his own way. Although this is the second edition of this book. I don’t know how many edits where added. But it has helped me to understand Islam. A great Way. Along with one of the teach yourself series. Islam- an introduction – teach yourself

That’s all for now sister and brothers I. Faith and non faitalikr around the world 🗺

#AllConnected #revert #Islam #inspire #reading #learning #understanding #acceptence


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