What is the world coming to

Okay correct me if I am wrong but I am either reading about how the world is going to pot or how people are dying in freak accidents, but nothing about the things that are continuing to become real…the stuff I read about how things are happening with random silly acts of violdncI myself born into a Christian family and a Muslim revert…. I realise I had things that some haven’t, I also realise that privilege doesn’t necessarily mean rich.. You can infact feel like you are better than others with trates of gradinority egotism plus all the money in the world but still be one of the loneliest souls. I have been trying my best to conform with what is expected of me as a person, as a mother, as a sister in life as well as in faith, a daughter, granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a confident, a friend, counsel.
Crisis of faith maybe, crisis of humanity no doubt. Inevitably a crisis of grandiose scale. Prophetcy come to pass. Whatever it is I hope and pray that you and I and all your loved ones recieve the peace mercy and blessings of the one God that connects so many people in so many wierd and wonderful ways.


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