I read this somewhere it was clipped to my clipboard..

I read this somewhere it was clipped to my clipboard…
”I was under the impression that you were under the impression, that we both had the impression of a similar kind.”
what does this mean?
how does one interpret this? That one is of the outward opinion that doesn’t represent who you or I am. we have become so despondent.Often not realising that our actions or verbal thoughts or rather things that should be processed in the privacy of your own thoughts to yourself.
have you ever read back all your replies to people through messages? Often you can gain a lot of insight through talking to people that you know from a similar background as yourself. To have your own support network so to speak apart set aside from those people who you rely on to give you that mental emotional sometimes physical support that you get normally from your own family.
and thank god for family and to those that you make your family through loyalty, guidance, understanding, communication, support.Our online profiles are becoming more than what we are in today’s world. It is who you are, who you aspire to be, how you want to be seen, it’s very easy to forget this and just as easy to criticise one another on this point and many, on each other morals and self-discipline. but how does one get out of offending one another for example with bad abbreviation among the many, I included. If used in the correct way helps with the way things come across……
how people will react when they read your post, piece, article, fun facts or opinion.
to how you yourself respond to people …. being online can be full of emotionless posts unless we take a little more care on how things come across. there is enough unrest in the world now.. thanks for reading
Asalamalakium Wa Rahmatuhuhlah WA Baraka toe
may the peace and blessing and mercy of God be upon you all.
Khadija out….

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