still no article butalittle worble about nothing

It has taken me absolutely forever to sit behind this computer and rewrite my article to send them away for revision.

ever doubting ever worrying that my work wont be accepted and people will miss understand me like they normally do

when something that is said out of anger to someone in confidence that then is passed along willy nilly resulting in now a days been blocked on whats app and social media because what you think you are better than ever one

I didn’t really wan this to be so much of a personal blog but here it goes as per normal i veer off into another direction completely

just as messed up at times as my thoughts in my head especially as I havent done anything to receive this treatment but one thing said in anger in my part has begun a very messy circle of awkward meetings because inevitably you think your better than me

and at the risk of sounding like i am still on the playground it should be generally known that if you are sensitive to someones needs that it might not always come out in your advantage in a dis advantage sence. i am peeved because its become so.

its ;ike the human race has gone crazy and they are all denying it .I have always dreamed of having what was the norm to be married 2.4 kids … bit it didn’t work out like that .after many years of trying or as my ex would saying trying his nerves after along period of arguments which where getting no where apart from raising people’s blood pressures and heart rates and inevitably damaging each other in the long run … because when all is said and done hhh yes i Said it (wicked laugh muhahhahha )

when all is said and done words are the most powerful weapon when you know how to use the ones given to you at your disposal.

I am far from or ever will be who i aspire to be but i know one thing in light of the thing that happen and are happening in my surroundings ,…. also knowing first hand how a small thing can be made bigger by someone passing on a messeges that was never meant to be passed on to where it was never supposed  to ever get

especially if said party is in the same situation but is unable to see what it is doing to the environment in which they have become accustomed but is it really so hard to change …. i did…. and it was for the better … i may still be just as messed up as i was earlier but i have more of an educational grasp on my own struggle with what society accepts from me

so anyway i had to get that out because it was bugging me

a cryptic as this may be to some i know what i mean and i will say this if you begin to read between the  lines of my blogs then you have come to the wrong place me lovely…


i am not writing this with people in mind specifically .. things can spring to mind from the past that i feel are necessary to rewrite and share… thank you so much for the continued support it means the world to me .. all things shared are from my own experiences and my own personal mission statement is if one persons smiles the who world smiles with you…


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