Somethings You Should maybe avoid Saying to Depressed People

Asalamalakium warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe... May the peace, mercy and blessings of god be upon you and your nearest and dearest. Welcome the my blog......Sometimes life is not what you expect. With Multitudes of events happening every day.  From  something small like stubbing your toe to the happenings when you switch on in world news. We share … Continue reading Somethings You Should maybe avoid Saying to Depressed People


Living with a bollywood fan.

I have had the best of times with my best friend...and some down times.But like all bestfriends we have always come through laughing, singing....I have found my journey in to Islam difficult if not confusing and so many different opinions expressed over things that here in the West for example are sometimes unavoidable... A year … Continue reading Living with a bollywood fan.

Daily thoughts….or chaos

Asalamalakium warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe may thepeace mercy and blessings of God be upon you all. Ameen Salam and welcome to a somewhat Confronting blog for me thought points of the day. Had been courting a guy was going to say gentleman but he is so far from it. In public almost ignoring me but when we … Continue reading Daily thoughts….or chaos