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This is the time of digital traffic…

Asalamalakium warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe may thepeace mercy and blessings of God be upon you all. 

Yesterday I found myself trying to keep fighting anxiety attacks (by the way sometimes it’s just there from when I wake up.. I’m the past I let it effect everything I do especially when I saw no escape. )

So two days ago I vlogged but I have still not edited it and up loaded  to YouTube. I have a channel with the same name as the blog and my facebook page.

I found my.self by the settings menu ….I have never looked at all the small print , well not small but all the disclaimers and copy rights you have the chance to see for example which music you can use and which restrictions it has …

I am in Holland so I firstly realise that if you don’t have any knowledge of the Dutch language I will translate it for you it goes something like this…

This is what you came for 

Calvin Harris feat Rhianna

  • If you use this number is your video it will be blocked in 244 countries
  • There is chance that then the adverts will be given (so when you watch a you tube video sometime you see the yellow point they are all adverts.

If you make a cover of this song

  • It can be watched all over the world 
  • There is chance that then the adverts will be given (so when you watch a you tube video sometime you see the yellow point they are all adverts.

Obviously having a huge impact on where you video comes on the listing on you tube. So this in mind I continued futher in to abis that is the internet. I came across the subtitles page, so I had a look and it turns out that you can help edit subtitles. 


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mother of 2 ...revert to Islam studying psychology photography editing coding religion enjoy photography alot and time with my children. have nowadays more good days than bad .. but that is partly because I know that there is a problem I have gotten used to it and would definitely give help to people who don't have any idea that the reason they feel like they do because that they are unaware. I stand up for sisters and mental and financial abuse and the possibility of getting people out of the situation that I was in would love to study but after the break up if the father of my children and I no longer have the financial backing to follow my dream so since I converted I have had a love of learning on moments when I manage to find much-needed peace to be able to read up on world history islam psychology photography editing making videos . promotions and genral sporadic blogging

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