It’s no longer dormant 

Huff puff tut Huff puff tut. 

Am I a problem or are you stuck in rut?

Am I a pain In  your butt?

Because right now I feel I am eating my left  foot. 

I’m not perfect and your far from not

But that doesn’t stop you getting hot

Hot and Bothered or even mean 

Mostly when it’s not seen.

If only you  could see the misery 

That your causeing 

You would personally find it appauling

Actually that’s not true

I feel you know it too

Little sighs and sarky comments

Fill my heart like a sad sonnet
All the things you’ve made a rule 

Your now using as your own tool

Whether you know your  bad aura

I don’t want to even bore ya

With the deep and worrying sigh 

The mental torment I can’t deny

Is no longer dormant like those flies 

……. mosquitoes  my life’s enemy….

I feel I am keeping up only lies

This is my test i do know

But how much longer can I go 

Seconds out of minutes

Mintues out of hours

 please stop 

As I am about to pop 

Brains all over the place

This all I can do to save face

Is this a disgrace.?

That you use your power to make me cower

Feeling small but worst of all 

Not being able to stand up tall

And say this to you all

What am saying is .stop. 

Take time , to see what your becoming .

Before its to late and we all go running


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