Is Romania set for change.

.Now in the last few years there has been no stopping us,  The #UnitedIndependentStateOfWomen  #Feminists #WomensRightsAdvocates  #MothersSistersDaughters alike.. All standing together as one. So it's only fair to say that women deserve to have.... equal rights, equal opportunities , equal pay .... #WE as women can hold high powered positions, #WE  women as ministers of … Continue reading Is Romania set for change.


You tube

This is the time of digital traffic... Asalamalakium warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe may thepeace mercy and blessings of God be upon you all.  Yesterday I found myself trying to keep fighting anxiety attacks (by the way sometimes it's just there from when I wake up.. I'm the past I let it effect everything I do especially when … Continue reading You tube

It’s no longer dormantĀ 

Huff puff tut Huff puff tut.  Am I a problem or are you stuck in rut? Am I a pain In  your butt? Because right now I feel I am eating my left  foot.  I'm not perfect and your far from not But that doesn't stop you getting hot Hot and Bothered or even mean  … Continue reading It’s no longer dormantĀ