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Asalamalakium warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe.. may the peace mercy and blessing of allah upon you àll….
Hi hi hi ….
Welcome to my new vlog this linked with my facebook fatzinwonderland

Born on a bank holiday monday on the 4 May 1981 , in clatterbridge hospital, birkenhead on the wirral which has since that time Now renovated into cancer care hospital .
I lived the first few years of my life with my grandad (we wil call him little grandad due to the fact  he was tall and thin , as I had two granddads with the same name so the other became big him being small and a little overweight so big and little grandad )
Westkirby a small village lying on the wirral in between liverpool in North Wales . Only ,splitting it from north Wales was a small stretch of river called the dee to the a river that  leads to the Irish seaa ::) this river was the dee and in the other side of the wireless the mersey and along side it was a beach that ran al the way along the coast .The  West Kirby marine lake is water from the river dee but with a wall to stop the tide taking its water( I presume).there  is a sailing school .
Moving then with my father and mother and my then I think 1 year old brother and sister who where twins, to a place called Macclesfield .

I only have two clear memorys of living their as I was only 4/5 years old as it is gosh now 30 years ago. I think that I was at school one day and we were running for one side of the playground to the other, when a big kid ran into me and I flew into the wall and got a concussion. I ended up in the casualty . And the other was that one bonfire night my father was lighting 🔥 fireworks and in those days we did it in an empty milk bottle between bricks and it slipt and shot round the garden flying right across my coat leaving singe marks.
And probably scaring me for life ….joking dad.
Then the divorce….
so with three children under five her and my father divorced … We them moved to a place which is now the home of my mother now all the kids have left the roost .
With my parents being divorce and because of my dad working away in the ICT something like  30  years now. We only got to see him every so often … I just remember those days as fun days out. One year we went 🎳   and when we arrived home we found out mum had broken her fibula and tibula which  she’s since had plated and removed if I am not mistaken but still has many problems with the scar tissue behind me scar. I love my mum dearly but we are maybe too alike to have a very close bond. I talk to her when I can as she also has a busy life. With work and shes been a cub scout leader for over 30 years. The twins also did there stint in the scouting movement as did I beginning in brownies the guides then rangers becoming a young leader called chil from the much loved rujard kiopling adventure “the jungle book”  Chil the Kite – This is the bird who helps Mowgli by pinpointing his whereabouts and alerting Baloo and Bagheera of the location when I left my sister became chil. My mother was bagheera until the arkela stepped down later on passing away. My mother  eventually becoming arkela . This keeps her busy. I don’t worry about her as the twins still live in England and they are closer than I being here in the Netherlands but we will come to that in a while….
My father remarried and we got a step brother.
My father divorced and met the live of his life who became my step mum.
After all not many people can say they have a terrific step mum… This lady we will call her mama… Truly love her to bits. I think we met when I was 14 so I have known her 21 years… Wow how time flys… She has been my biggest support always being there for me even when I am here her with my actions of silly 18 year old things. I Moved to live with my father after alot of arguments between me and my mum but I don’t even know what they where about. But I wasn’t ever trying to hurt her it was just mama had more to offer. No looking back on it I think my mum may have also had a depression. But that is not what we are reading about… We are reading about how a woman became a Muslim . Who had lost her way and fell so down she wanted it all to end ..
So after a somewhat troublesome few years between the ages of 17 and 19.. finding my feet as a young adult  moving to holland on the 4/2/2000
My dad and mama where here in Holland too for a few years before moving back to England because of dads work.. Skipping forward two years I met the father of the kids .I met my partner here in holland he used to come into the bar 🍸 I worked in .
We hit it off and started dating .then in 2004. Welcoming our son to the world
I have also worked for a cleaning company who where hired out to a popular brand chain hotel. As a room attendant .working there until 2012 so ten years service … But I lost my job due to being two years only half able to do my job through a wrist injury eventually being diagnosed with chronic tendonitis and carpal tunnel.

Which is a good introduction to this part of old passages from blogger .
Keep posted to read about other stories…

Khadija out…..


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