HEADS FULL ……but what to do about it

alsalamalikium waramatulahi wabarakatoe. May the peace, mercy and blessimgs of alllah swt be upon you all.. christmas time is always the most difficult time of year for many . especially if your whole life you have celebrated it as a family hoilday and not a religuiuos one. life at the moment is so unsure. the … Continue reading HEADS FULL ……but what to do about it


Blogging when you dont feel 100%

This is my thing ,I only seem to blog when I don't feel 100% Asalamalkium warahmahtuhlahi wabarakatoe may the peace .,mercy and blessings of God be upon you all. So as the title of this blog explains what this piece is about I'll get on with it . It has come to my attention that … Continue reading Blogging when you dont feel 100%

My thoughts 15 July 2017

Poetrist A made up word to explain a spoken word artist I now have Internet at home in my new house. And with friends coming to stay and buttercup here I will never be lonely so this time I am the giver not the reciever Khadija out Asalamalikuim warahmahtulahi wabarakatoe