Feeling in the middle

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh today's post it's all about feeling in the middle by filling in the middle I mean the days when you just feel normal but is it really normal or is it just because you're numb from my medication . It's kind of like the feeling of pre hyper me . For so … Continue reading Feeling in the middle


HEADS FULL ……but what to do about it

alsalamalikium waramatulahi wabarakatoe. May the peace, mercy and blessimgs of alllah swt be upon you all.. christmas time is always the most difficult time of year for many . especially if your whole life you have celebrated it as a family hoilday and not a religuiuos one. life at the moment is so unsure. the … Continue reading HEADS FULL ……but what to do about it